State and Federal Court

State and Federal Court - Liberty MissouriAramjoo Law Firm LLC helps individuals in the Liberty, Kansas City and surrounding areas with state and federal court crimes.

State and Federal Courts can hear a broad array of cases involving both criminal and civil matters. Depending on what crime allegedly occurred will determine where charges are filed.

Offenses under state law may include crimes (possible punishment of jail and/or fines) or infractions (possible punishment of fines only).

Formal charges can be brought either by the prosecutor filing charges or by the grand jury returning what is called a true bill. If the offense is a federal offense, it will be heard in federal court and brought by a U.S. Attorney. Otherwise, state charges are brought by a state prosecutor.

The severity of the punishment increases as the seriousness of the charge increases.

There are a number of rights that exist in each stage of criminal proceedings. Rights of an accused include but are not limited to:

  • Right to be informed of the nature of the complaint
  • Right to an attorney
  • Right against self-incrimination
  • Right of confrontation
  • Right to due process
  • Right to speedy and public trial
  • Right to bail
  • Right to trial by impartial jury

Whether facing state or federal charges, the impact can be severe. Criminal charges can prevent you from lawfully owning a firearm, affect immigration status, eligibility for employment and housing, and a number of other impacts.

Paemon Aramjoo, criminal defense attorney at Aramjoo Law Firm, handles all offenses in both state and federal court.