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Ashley and Paemon Aramjoo - Founders of Aramjoo Law Firm

Ashley and Paemon Aramjoo – Founders of Aramjoo Law Firm

Aramjoo Law Firm is a law firm based in Liberty, Missouri that focuses on helping clients in the Liberty and Kansas City area with traffic law, criminal defense, family law and estate planning.

Ashley and Paemon Aramjoo knew right out of law school that starting a law firm was what they wanted to do.  They saw people that needed help and knew that they had the desire and skills to help them. While in law school, Paemon and Ashley were voted most likely to start a law firm. Ashley and Paemon always wanted to start a business and graduating from law school gave them the opportunity to pair their desire to start a business with their desire to help others.

As husband and wife, Paemon and Ashley Aramjoo are a team that will vigorously represent the needs of their clients. They have a passion and care to listen to their clients and address their needs. Growing up in Kansas City, Paemon and Ashley not only have connections in the area but also have a desire to give back to the community that has given so much to them.

Aramjoo Law Firm offers free initial consultations and pride themselves on the availability and responsiveness that they offer to their clients. If the attorneys at Aramjoo Law Firm are not able to help,  they are happy to refer you to someone who can.

After graduating law school, the Missouri Lottery reached out to us about our participation in the A+ Scholarship program. The interview below provides some insight into the program as well as our past.

Walk-ins and appointments are welcome. Visit our social media pages for updates and news about Aramjoo Law Firm.